Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cowl Plate and Vin # 's

T and I have been cleaning out the car, doing some spiderweb removal and general cleaning. Building a check list for whats broken and what need fixing and just what needs to be replaced...not to mention it's been well above 95+ degrees the past couple of days....Good old Kern County heat.
We have been doing research on the TA the last couple of nights, and found and AWESOME Trans Am site, So we joined and did a lot of digging to find some cool info.

Well the car was made in 1978 Duh! Trans Am designation built in Van Nuys, CA in the second week of March.
With the SE Solar Gold paint upper and lower with the SE Trim kit
and the deluxe interior bucket seats cloth camel tan colors.
The motor was built buy Oldsmobile just for the California state.
403 c.i.d, 4-bbl V8 (1977 - 79).
I could not find the build sheet anywhere so I don't know what else came with the car besides what Brent said came with it.Power windows, A/C, driver side remote side view mirror, and Posi traction. After market power locks were added later I guess.
That's all I have for now , I did install the remote trunk release button and mechanism when I first got the car, got it out of a 79 TA along with some trim pieces and dash plate and console....
My plan is to tow the car over to my father in laws house where he has tools and a level drive way to pull the gas tank to send it off to get cleaned out it smells of lacquer and to start the official work like plugs, wires all new fuel lines and fuel pump and bolt up the hopped up 550 carb.

Keep checking buy to see whats next...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Here are some sad pics of the car now.
After being in the back yard for some years now (about 5)
I used a winch to pull it out of the holes it sank in the dirt from sitting, amazingly the tires held up with 30 psi still in them!I got it mover forward a few feet, enough to open both doors and to take a look at what needs to be fixed and replaced.Looks rough but worth the challenge.